What Is Crazy?

We all have heard or used the phrase… “He/She/That is crazy.” Some people I know throw it about like it’s an end-all/catch-all and nothing more needs said. That’s it. End of conversation.  But what is crazy?

Webster defines crazy as ‘departing from proportion or moderation’.

    1. Possessed by enthusiasm or excitement
    2. Immoderately fond; infatuated
    3. Intensely involved or preoccupied
    4. Foolish or impractical; senseless

Based on this definition, I can honestly say, most, if not all, of the people living on this earth are truly crazy. And I am one of them.

Possessed by enthusiasm or excitement. ‘Hey Lauren… the editor just committed to buying your next four books.’ I hear those words and I’m extraordinarily happy that months of effort have finally paid off. Am I excited? Oh. Yeah. So, according to Webster… I’m crazy!

Immoderately fond; infatuated. Guilty here too. Let Jon Bon Jovi- who is inarguably the most gorgeous male human walking this earth- be the guest on some talk show, I am so there! I would willingly admit my adoration for this man and his music exceeds “moderate”. I buy his CD’s. I watch his movies- of which there needs to be more- Hey Jon- are you listening?—and I believe he is one of the most intelligent people I know. Or– don’t know, as it were. But I don’t stalk the man. I’ve never written to him. So, does being an ardent fan make me crazy?

Intensely involved or preoccupied. This one I nail for sure through my daily ritual. Roll out of bed about 6 am, find the coffee pot, turn on my computer, and spend my day struggling to add words to a story that may- or may not- ever be read. If, as sometimes happens, the proverbial light bulb comes on and I suddenly realize a fleeting idea that might possibly make the difference in published or not published- well, even the dogs know to leave me alone. No phone call is answered. No doorbell is acknowledged. Even Jon takes a backseat! I am intensely concentrating on that idea- preoccupied with it- and until I get it down on paper. True emergencies aside, I allow no distractions. Guess I’m crazy.

Foolish or impractical; senseless. Yep. I’m a record holder here too. But I sure can’t blame my mother.  She tried.  She was a penny pincher. No sale was good enough. If I found the perfect pair of shoes on sale for 75% off, it was always… “Let’s wait and think about this.” What’s to think about? I need shoes. These are perfect. The money is in my purse. The sale ends tomorrow. There is ONE pair left in my size. And she wanted me to wait and “not rush in to anything”. Used to make me… well.. crazy!!   But in her eyes, I was being impractical. I was rushing into things before I took the time to step back and spend more time than I thought it was worth, contemplating… should I or shouldn’t I?. Now, to me, that is crazy!

So yeah, we have all achieved the degree of crazy sometime in our life. Does this make us bad people? Does it infer we need to be locked away? Should people be leery of us? Are we a danger to ourselves or others? The answer is a resounding NO!!

So, why is this word flung about in such a detrimental manner? Why do people- even friends – throw this description out as though you had just attempted to hold up a gas station? I mean…are they crazy?

I’ve decided I’m going to do my part in making this word a positive. When my 6 month old male Terrier finally goes outside to do his business.. I’m gonna pick him up, give him a big hug, and tell him…Nonie- you’re CRAZY!!!!!

If Bon Jovi’s limo ever becomes lost in my neighborhood and stops at my house to ask directions.. I will greet him at the door, smiling ear to ear, and loudly proclaim- use the phone? Of course! Come on in.. I’m CRAZY!!!!

The phone rings.. I can hear from the answering machine that it’s a great friend calling from the airport. He had a stop-over for a couple hours in the near-by city. Would I like to have lunch?

I’m gonna grab that phone before he hangs up, agree to meet him as soon as I can get there and not give a second thought to the potential brilliant story idea I was slinging fast and furious into my computer when the phone rang.

What? But you just said…

Guys… He’s a hunk! How crazy do you think I am???


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